Sunday, March 27, 2011

High Speed Rail Travels at Speeds over 300 miles an Hour.

China boasts of the fastest train in the world . They are looking at doubling the speed with the new trains. Can they do it? They have plans to use vacuum to reduce friction. While Wisconsin's new governor cannot see the value of the speedy train, China sees this as an economical necessity to further advance their economy. I can only imagine Howard Hughes had people who could not see value in passenger airplanes. To ride one a person can see why China will leave the US in the dust with our slow and time wasting transporters nobody wants to ride. To see is to be convinced we must become flexible to the change of innovation, or be left behind in world competition. Below is an eye opening ride on the worlds fastest train. Notice how fast the telephone poles go by. It's also a great view of China's country side and cities. 

For more information on the future of China's trains visit:
Faster than a speeding bullet!

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