Friday, October 28, 2011

Tough Times for The Millions Of Uninsured Americans

Millions of Americans don't have healthcare coverage. There are many of reasons why this dilemma exists. America lags behind it's North American free trade partners in this area and expects its employers to compete globally with this handicap. It's trading partners, Canada and Mexico both have national healthcare, that allow the government to negotiate lower healthcare cost solutions. With the large pool of its recipients the government can negotiate lower prescription costs. It regulates procedure costs. It can legislate healthy solutions to affect the healthcare costs because of political leverage. The end result is the government of the people work together to lower costs. It can take the high cost of healthcare monkey off the backs of the few remaining companies trying to provide for the healthcare of its employees. America's healthcare system has been a hodge-podge of fly by seat of your pants solutions set up to allow insurance companies to legally steal financial nest eggs from hard working Americans. Now powerful Insurance lobbyists have partnered with the Republican party, to  implement a full assault on the Obama Care bill before it can fully address the economy crushing problem. Please support efforts to stop this foolishness. The down turn in this economy has brought down several companies with great innovation ideas. In the mean time Americans struggle to find answers. Here is a government site to help you find answers: Help with healthcare!

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