Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Innovative Cancer Dectives With Long Tails!

     Cancer research and insurance companies are looking for less invasive but equally accurate testing methods to determine if a patient has cancer or not. They have discovered that the body has other indicators other than just visual  radioactive scan photos of cancer invasion.
     One company has discovered that women with breast cancers, have changes that take place in their hair. Soon they will be able to test a persons hair to determine the case for breast cancer. To read more check out Green Tech Cancer Innovations.
     Recently they have found that a person gives off different smells with different cancers. They have found that dogs can detect these different smells to a degree of accuracy. The excitement is not only is it possible for the dogs to help us out, but very effective electronic sniffers will (in the future), detect your cancer status as you walk into the dental or insurance offices. Read more about the dog cancer detection checkout Global Health News.

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