Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Financial Crisis, What Innovative Ideas Can We Do?

     In 2008, following 8 years of Republican polices, the United States experienced it's second worst market crash and financial disaster since the Great Depression in the 1930's. Similarities existed between the two crashes in that the financial polices favoring the wealthy classes.  Policies were implemented in the Republican George W. Bush of the 2000 - 2008 presidency very similar to that of the Herbert Hoover just before the Great Depression. It is hard to state  the case by over simplifying, but the evidence is over whelming that in a capitalistic society, prosperity only happens if equal opportunity to financial abilities are to all classes. Both presidencies favored the wealthy, shifting wealth from the lower classes to the affluent. It's known by the sound byte as, "trickle down."
     Former President J. F. Kennedy stated that a rising tide floats all ships, which simply means if people on the bottom have wealth to spend then everyone gets richer. The Fed has been taking hits because it is trying some desperate attempts, by changing fiscal policy, to make the redistribution of wealth happen. If you are a Republican this seems horrible to change government policy to help the lower class. Republican means less government, even though the devastating financial crisis, was directly caused by their changes in fiscal and government policies.
    2008, ushered in President Obama who's mantra was "change,"however everyone involved in innovation, knows it's one thing to come up with ideas, it's another to get the buy in. The Republicans were able to divert the targeted concern of middle class devastation to that of United States debt concern. The public seemed to become easily diverted, and gave the Republicans the control back in 2010. The Republicans immediately tried to push back on economic stimulus and concentrated on cutting any government spending. Their cuts threw more government employees into the already large unemployment lines. So any chance of forward action to fix the financial crisis was stopped. The Republicans are trying to blame President Obama for the economy now.
     How could this happen? America was originally the front runner in the world economy, however other countries in the world are gaining prestige. The world is redesigning itself economically because of America's inability to fix itself. I have to address this in this matter because Republicans like Reid Ribble have chose to advertise on my blog. His agenda against change is wrong. It is the Republican Congressman like him that are preventing the innovation that could fix the economic mess we are seeing in America today. Innovation does not come by doing nothing and fighting change. Innovation is giving change a chance. It is the very key element that continues to move the human condition forward, from the horse carriage to the high speed rail and beyond.

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