Friday, October 28, 2011

New LED Lighting Helps Photosynthesis Of Plants At Lower Costs!

     The company, Illumitex, has developed a new LED light that improves the plant's photo-morphogenesis response at a lower cost to green houses and businesses that grow plants indoors. This LED lighting distributes a more uniform spectrum of  necessary dynamic wavelengths for plant growth. Utilizing these lights will enable indoor plant businesses to increase the plant density under the lights to increase production while not sacrificing quality.
     A person has to wonder, if we will ever have the ability to replace the sun for plant growth? Could we better utilize the sun's contribution for plant and animal growth?  Could we understand the needs of the plants, then grow bigger, better plants, faster and contribute to the better health and life of herbivores? Could we speed up plant maturity if we could extend the amount and intensity of the light spectrum necessary for the plant growth? Is this part of the answer to providing the food for upcoming expanding populations of humans?
     Read more about the lights at: Better lights for indoor plants.


  1. led rope light Estimate your space as you weave your lights into the branches, alternate and spread out your rows so that there are no empty spots or clumps of lights together. Be especially careful not to bundle the lights together at the topmost part of the tree.So keep it up dear for more details and information about your topic

  2. I plan to use LED for growing my tomato


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