Saturday, August 17, 2013

Russian Space Suit Innovation Comes Through For Space Station

New Russian Suit was tried out this week with success. The need was for a reliable space suit that give astronauts the maneuverability outside the space station the Russians stepped it up. It was a confidence upgrade from the USA space suit. Read more about 2012 USA suits in this article: article.

Space suits are tested under water to assure there are no leaks. Yet in a recent space walk, the USA suit almost drown a Italian Space walker, "in space." NASA thinks that water may have leaked from somewhere in the cooling system area inside the suit. Repair kits were rushed to get them on the space craft going to space station crew from Russia. Work can't wait because of expensive space construction schedules. It was the time for the Russian suit to shine. The Russian space walkers with Russian space suits set a Russian record of 7 hours and 16 minutes with todays walk. Even though American suits hold a record of over 9 hours, dependability becomes a big concern when your life depends on it. NASA will have to work to do upgrades to regain confidence that the USA suit can be safe again. The USA suit is less bulky and has the comfort and maneuverability down, but has to fix the functionality.  Read more at:
Space Suit Basics

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