Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drone Wars in Next Big Conflict?

The next big conflict could bring lasers and drones from friction movies to reality. Drones have been in the news as the US uses the technology to eliminate terrorist threats. USA is not alone in this technology. Iran captured a US drone and is trying to duplicate the technology themselves. Watch Iranian video: Iranian video of captured drone. China has been perfecting their own. Many reports show they resemble the US aircrafts, but they design their crafts to target the USA Naval destroyers. Kamikaze pilots inflicted great damage in World War II skirmishes. US Destroyers are equipped to use lasers to stop drone attacks. Checkout Laser strike video:Laser destroys drone.  As global conflicts arise, United Nations negotiations become more important. Gone is the "jump to conflict" philosophy once thought as a smart idea. Technologies can give the smaller radical groups the ability to inflict substantial damage. While drones spare pilot deaths they also add a different dimension to moving Naval destroyers into arms way.
Chinese Show of Drone Power.

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