Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TMS procedure cures depression and controls pain in most patients.

Scientists have found by applying a magnetic field to different areas of the brain, they can cause it to react in different manners. They found by changing the magnetic field's intensity they can increase the responses. They know that pain sensations that the brain sense occur in a rear lobe of the brain but they also know that a front lobe controls that pain feeling. Scientists think they will be able to control a patients pain after surgery or in other times pain relief is needed. That same front lobe handles the depression sensation we feel. If we apply a magnetic field (TMS) to that area on a regular basis, over 1/3 of the patients were cured of depression. Another 1/3 it helped some, and 1/3 of the patients received no change from the TMS procedures. In a day when contractual agreements are signed between doctors and insurance providers, you may have to ask the doctor to try this procedure. Even though the doctors may know of this procedure; it is something rarely covered by the insurance companies and so most likely discouraged by some doctors. For patients with medication problems this could be the answer. Read more at: About-TMS-Therapy
Watch Nova : NOVA's Magnetic Mind
Still More: Cool pictures to understand.

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