Friday, September 30, 2011

From Snow Boards to Snow Bikes, Verging Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

The Snow Hawk (pictured above) is catching on in Canada as a new challenge for the snow covered slopes. It comes with a front wheel to replace the front ski so the bike can be used year around. Even though this bike boasts of better fuel mileage than the average snowmobile, other manufacturers are taking it electric.
The Quantya electric snow bike prototype (pictured on the left), is based on a Quantya MX bike but features the snowmobile-like track and a front ski so that it would turn into a fairly easy and fun bike to ride on the show. The challenge is that the batteries tend to run out too fast because of the cold, so different battery and motor power combinations are being considered and tested at the Quantya headquarters in Switzerland. Once they figure this last detail out, it will be a real kick butt "green" bike.

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