Friday, September 30, 2011

Noah's Ark 2011

2011 has seen a world of natural disasters. Families in coastal regions are confronted with the thought of how do we survive in the case of a emergency. A company in Japan (Cosmo Power Co.) is making these little, Noah's Arks. The basic model holds up to 4 people, it floats and according to articles I have read has survived many crush tests. I can see if you are equipped with a self supplied, updated GPS locating device, you could be found after the event. You would have to have figure out a food and waste system on your own as well. The Noah pod, will get you through the event, but from that point on you need to hold on for rescue. If you are swept out to sea it could be awhile. This is a great idea though, and addresses an important issue that seems to be more common place as the we see the effects of global climate change. You can read more at:

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