Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tribo- Electric Popularity – A Future Energy Source?

Army helicopter blades generate static electricity in sandy conditions. Can we harness static electricity for good?

Static electricity has always been around but its harness ability has hampered its popularity in the past. Suppose a watch is equipped with a Tribo-electro device built in it, uses the motion of your swing arm to recharge your batteries. Can we do that? “Tribo” is from a Greek word meaning, “to rub.” Simple devices are using different metal materials to rub against a static producing surface.  As the motion back and forth or up and down forces them to create static electricity which is captured in the conductive wiring to charge batteries or power the devices. Still another generator uses two unlike materials the rub against themselves as motion causes them to collapse on each other. Scientists are looking at harnessing the motion of the waves, automobiles on roads, bikes, shoes, wind, on and on to finally harness motion and generate needed electricity. Air ports and subways power up off of the enormous foot traffic. Highways power homes along its path from the constant motion of autos zooming by. The ideas are endless and the potential lights the imagination. It is said that it will start out with small components and get larger as the technology gets better.

Another thought I had while researching this article, is this the way our bodies generate the electronic pulses that power the nerves from the brain? We don’t house generators as we know it in our bodies. However our bodies require and use motion. Are we getting closer still to the knowledge that will verge ourselves with machines? Does the mere motion of the blood through our veins generate an electrical charge?  
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