Thursday, March 6, 2014

Genetic Chips Help Farmers Raise Better Fish

Nature has its own way of perfecting the species to build living organisms, stronger, bigger, larger and smarter. Presented by insurmountable odds of survival, and forcing only the strongest, smartest and sometimes luckiest to survive to reproduce, builds the genetic lines naturally.

Farming salmon presents the fish with lack of natural selective opposition. Farmers need to raise the best, biggest with disease tolerant fish they can, in the shortest time possible. Livestock farmers have already resorted to gene chips to help them find the cattle with the best characteristics to breed to get desirable food products. 

UK Salmon farmers are now entering that arena. UK Scientists have developed a chip the can determine genetic dominance by using just a piece of the back fin. Application of the DNA material to the chip can show the farmer which fish to mate to get the desirable characteristics. Genetic technology can surpass natures test of time and opposition to build the best. Read more at: Fish and chips have a whole new meaning! Click for more information!

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