Monday, February 25, 2013

Building Innovation Hubs In the USA

In the last decade, the United States has lost over 1/3 of its manufacturing jobs. In the Presidential address the President mentioned an initiative to create innovation hubs to work on bringing back those manufacturing jobs. The idea isn't new. Many other countries are trying the same thing. This same manufacturing, job creating engine was one provided by NASA and the Defense department research spending. As these budgets have become cut drastically, so has the engine to discover and create USA manufacturing ideas. Governmental funding will instead be spent to get private enterprises to push the envelope of profits for ideas. I think the trick to that success will be in the patent controls so the research and development expenses will be recovered on the backside. After all private enterprises survive on profit only. More information on how this might work can be found at this link: Brookings Institute calls for 25 us innovation.

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