Monday, February 18, 2013

Brain Scans to Determine Political Affiliation?

Will businesses request a brain scan to determine the political party affiliation of its employees? In the future, will the voting booth sense the differences in the brain and vote automatically? Could parents determine the political affiliation of the unborn baby and abort the fetus. Would pro-life Republicans justify abortion if they know the baby is a democrat? A current study if a science journal says that there was a connection between brain structure and the political leaning of the individual.

  • Study in the "Current Biology," Scientific Journal, vol. 2, Issue 8, 677-680, 07 April 2011 
  • Political orientations are correlated with brain structure in young adults.
  • Democrats were associated with the gray matter volume of the anterior cingulate cortex.
  • Republicans were associated with increased right amygdala size.
  • Read more at: Ryota Kanai Study  

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