Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clothes That Heat Up Add Value To Winter

In the Wisconsin winters, many people become cabin bound because they don't like the cold. Could that change if cold was eliminated? I'm not suggesting that we change the temperature or the climate of the outdoors. I am suggesting wearing clothes that take away the cold. I live in Wisconsin and dread the Packer games with the freezing temperatures during the game. For some the weather doesn't seem to bother them. Science has indicated that people who subject themselves to the cold more often, build a yellow fat in their spinal area that seems to give them a greater tolerance of colder temperatures. Eskimos tolerate the cold better than someone residing in Miami, Florida.I call it the "penguin paradigm." If you are like me I don't have the desire to build my "PP."

The disposable chemical inserts for the feet and hands do help the cold go away for the hands or the feet. These are great if you are not generating any heat of your own. Disposable chemical inserts keep a constant non-controllable heat in the areas where you insert them. Here is a link where you can check them out: Chemical foot warmers are affordable body warmers sold everywhere.Where the problem comes in skiing, walking to the stadium, or walking to the deer stand, is you generate your own heat and start to sweat. Eventually this complicates the attempt to stay warm because now you have moisture that cools the area. Imagine if you have adjustable electrified heating panels in your clothes to keep you warm. I reported earlier of clothing with floating devices to save water victims. Clothing manufacturers are now offering heating elements to protect people from the cold.

Columbia outer wear has started installing adjustable heating elements in their outdoor wear. Click on this link to explore the explanation of how their equipment works: Columbia Uses Omni-Heat Technology

Other Companies are incorporating batteries in the clothing to avoid carrying a clunky lithium batteries (they say). Here is a link to their sight:

Stay warm and enjoy the winter outside!

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