Sunday, December 30, 2012

Telemedicine, Telehealth, Tele - "Whaaat"

Medicine is starting to move towards the next step in medicine in the USA thanks to the new phone technology. In the old days the doctor was able to make house calls. Imagine this could happen again thanks to the video phone and laptop technologies. Imagine a doctor visit by "Skype" or "Face Time." A doctor may see as many as 150 patients daily now, with doctor visits to the hospital and office time. Could this number be increased? Think of all the fuel that could be saved just in transportation  of patients to see doctors. A patient could have a doctor appointment at the workplace with little to no lost work time. I understand this is not a new idea, however the technology is moving fast and so are medical providers to remain competitive. More about Telemedicine click here:    

Imagine the APP that can get you the doctor? The doctors are starting to use APPs to help them speed up there medicine calculations. NY times article

India and many other countries can see the advantage to this technology moving ahead. Read about India's Medial Kiosk - The first with tele medical access!

There are many different ways countries deal with healthcare. So as a result many countries will use the technologies differently. Germany will use the technology to access their personal records easier. China started working on telemedicine in the 1980's. Because of their huge population they have been entertaining technologies to deal with getting more out of the doctors they have. China now has three major telemedicine networks: the Golden Health Network (GHN), the International MedioNet of China (IMNC) network and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) telemedicine network. Nonetheless, research and application of telemedicine is at a relatively early stage in China.More can be learned about how other countries are advancing in telemedicine:

Making Apps for the new phones are one the next challenges for the next generation of tellemedical innovators. Will the next phone have a plugin heart monitor and thermometer? If the next phones resemble a watch, the phone could have the sensors built into the band. A doctor makes diagnostics by using his/her senses to match up the list of possible reasons a patient may be complaining. Could a doctor be eliminated by sophisticated software?


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