Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let The Asteroid Rodeo Begin!

Historians and archeologists have documented earth changing asteroid impacts with the planet earth over its life time. In an earlier blog post I talked of the impending asteroid strike that was predicted to be near the 2030 date. NASA lobbied congress for funding in 2006 through 2008 to fund attempts to stop this event from happening. All attempts were ignored by Congress. With the budgets tight, the new president Barrack Obama instructed NASA to redirect their attention from the moon to this asteroid concern. When one report said that the one impact could be planet destroying, something needed to be done. NASA has succeeded in redirecting smaller asteroids by impacting them far out in space with nuclear impact which has changed their path to not hit the earth. The farther in space you impact the asteroid, the the smaller the change is needed. The problem comes with the size of the asteroids, speed  and the trajectory. What plan B do we have if the asteroid path cannot be changed far out in space? NASA is starting to work on this dilemma. After all, what good is the Mars mission if Houston no longer exists because of asteroid impact?  Hello, hello this is Mars mission 5435, do you hear me? Why are you not responding?

Here is the link to the NASA progress report! NASA Asteroid Riding attempts!

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