Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Automated Farm is the Future?

Is it another Mars rover? No, it is concept robots to further automate the farm. As the landscape of farming is changing to mega and commercial farms, the concern for labor intensity and equipment expense continues. USA farms are moving towards self sufficient barns that clean themselves and training the cows to milk themselves three times a day by robots. We still see the areas of feed mixing and self feeding as an area that is still moving forward but not quite up to where they need to be. I can see where the other areas of the farm work can go to the robotic technology. The present large farms rely on very large machinery, performing the field tasks. Getting the feed to the barn is the next area for robotics according to people in the European nations. Link to Farm Industry Robots

The De Laval system has the cows milking themselves three times a day. Farmers have long known that milking the cows three times a day, does increase the overall milk output of a cow. The problem has been that milking the cows three times a day is very labor intensive. Not anymore!  The De Laval Milking Robots: Link to the De Laval Robotic Milking Machine Video

Feeding cows made easier: Link to Feeding Cows Made Easier Video.
Robotic barn cleaners: Link to Robotic Cleaner Barns! 
Part of the self cleaning barn is the self cleaning barn scrapers: Video of the Self Cleaning Barn Scrapers.Link to Video of Self Cleaning Manure Systems

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