Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Do We Grow Old And Die? Telomeres?

The journey of life is to be viewed as complicated at best. A person can be predestined genetically to live a long life, and make decision to walk across the street at the wrong time and get struck down by a car. Another person could be exposed to a great deal of stress and eat their way to a condition exposing themselves to diseases such as heart disease that shortens their lives. Still another person may expose themselves to chemicals in their life's path that cause adverse chemical life threatening conditions.There are  many other life choices we make that can change the distance we travel in life. But say everything is done right and we live a longer life, why does the the body grow old? Science has found there are genes tied to the aging process.

Science has been studying this but are finding answers in the very genes that make us: Finding the Aging genes!

Recent find in genes that are shut off at certain stages of life: Bionews article of new markers in the aging process.

Understanding it all? Check out the link:

As the research in aging continues with the effort to find the absolute master gene that determines the control on the systematic shutdown of key functions that lead to aging, we can be sure money can be made in innovative ways to prolong life. Drug companies are looking into chemicals that can be added to the body that will imitate the missing elements that are getting shut down.

Telemeres are a measure of how long you are expected to live. Here are the Lab explanations: Shay-Wright Labs - Telemeres 

There is a blood test that measures the telomeres in your blood. Shorter telomeres mean your life will be short. Check out the article on the blood test: ABC news - body aging blood test.

I found this list at Wiki How to be a very realistic list of how to live longer. Live longer list.

In the pursuit of  innovation, I was surprised at the lack of longer-life clinics. I can only believe with all the Weight Watchers and weight loss clinics that the next step would be the longer life clinics.

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