Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aeroponic Systems, No Dirt, Just Mist, and Great Results

In earlier blog posts, I reported of how California organic strawberry farmers injected steam in the soil to create huge strawberries. Still in another post, in Milwaukee Wisconsin there is a business raising fish and circulating the water using hydroponics to grow plants at the same time. Now the next step is aeroponic systems that pump a nutrient, water mist at the roots. The results are impressive. There are several systems available. You can go from systems that can be mounted in cheap storage containers, to Airport Tower Gardens , to sizable green house style plantations. The herbs seem to be more pungent with an explosion of flavor. The vegetables are larger and more tasty. Because of these attributes, restaurants are starting to target these specialties.I have some concern  about the carbon foot print from the electric pumps used to force the spray and the costs to maintain the system. Is it the future of farming? 

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  1. Hey

    I just want to drop you a line about your Aeroponic System. I was wandering how your system was doing along with your plants.

    Will you be posting any new pics your garden ?


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