Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Does The Brain Work? Will Understanding Enable Supreme Innovation?

Recently  Sebastian Seung has finished a book on his many years of brain study. Some of his findings are entirely life changing. How a child is treated in the first three years of existence, can enhance or destroy the chances of human advancements during its life time. Could be understanding the brain, advance or extend our existence? Could altering our genome cure paralysis or brain malfunctions or diseases? This could be one of the most important innovation areas in the coming years. When an author writes a book an article or even a blog post, he can only hope to make someone's brain react in a certain way or provoke action. With this post I am hoping that some young person's imagination could inspire them to go into this field of research. The machine between our ears that innovates and creates, is out of reach of full understanding.  Could  understanding it push us farther than we could imagine.

Sebastian's new book, "Connectome" Link: Brain book!

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