Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dean Kamen's "Sling Shot" Will Change The Future Of The World

      A soft drink company thinks, "this is it." Coca-Cola has invested in testing this invention out. A soft drink company depends on clean water. As the years go by, clean drinking water was thought to get so rare that people will be fighting wars over it. Not any more. If the Coca-Cola company's test works out, they will be transporting these machines around the world.
     Why not use this technology to purify sewage waste for cities, or polluting companies sitting along our rivers and lakes. The technology has long been known that boiling water to steam cleans it. Doing it cheaper and affordable is the key. The extreme efficiency of the process is the key to is success. Like the Segway and it's  unique balance and propelling system that will change the way other future transport vehicles will operate, this could change the way water is handled and used. Could this purify water and economically heat homes at the same time?

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