Thursday, January 5, 2012

3-D Printers Advance And Inspire Creativity

I have an earlier Blog post about Maker Bots. The first time I discovered the 3-D printers I was amazed at the affordability of these printing devices. Now even more and more items are getting programed and available for these machines to make. The future holds the machines that make everything in your home. You will purchase the file and the machine will make what you want. I have stumbled onto some you tube videos that show the primitive machine of today in action. In the future the machine will be able to make electrical circuitry and components and the robots will simply walk out of the Maker Bot. Why not program an apple using biomass materials instead of plastic to build it? Here is a machine in action followed by items a person has downloaded and made.
Check out this link :Maker Bot at work!

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