Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oil Company Backed Republicans Carve Out Funding To Study Climate Change.

      Since the initial effort of Rockefeller to monopolize the oil industry, the efforts to keep the money flowing from our pockets to the oil companies still exists. For years fuel saving devices created by inventors get gobbled up, hidden or delayed. The eyeopening, climate change movies of recent time, have woke up the public to the plight of the world if we stay on our present course. The cigarette companies for years skillfully deceived the public making them believe nothing was happening to their bodies if they sucked smoke into their lungs. Smoke pours out of our tail pipes of the gas guzzlers, we suck that down our lungs, but also puke it into the environment, and oil companies do not want us to do anything about it. It means less money goes into their pockets if we change. In the recent budget battles, Republicans in Congress, cut NASA funding for the very satellites used to track hurricanes and study weather. These satellites are also suppose to track climate changes. The money gets cut from NASA. This was not the first time it was blocked. The Bush Cheney stopped a satellite from launching in 2001. The effort to stop the truth about climate change.  We are already hearing Republican candidates for president proclaim climate change as an unproven fact. If they have their way they will block any efforts to help scientists track the evidence of how bad it is!
      Innovation is not always easy, but it becomes a much harder struggle when change of innovation, means less money to those who already have it. However it is a battle that must be waged and won. The longevity of life as we enjoy it on this planet depends on this victory. So much can be gained for the majority of the planets inhabitants if we push for the new innovations that can make the difference. Green technologies can be the next internet that can drive Wall street to higher levels to help push our economy in the right direction.


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