Saturday, August 27, 2011

1936 A Year of American Inovation, Can We Do It Again?

In 1936 the depression lingered on with unemployment continuing to fall to 16.9%. Hitler's Germany continued to show the world it was not scared of anyone. The 1936 Olympics caused Hitler humiliation when his Aryan Supermen were dominated by the great Jesse Owens. Germany's Hitler, Italy's Mussolini and Japan formed an alliance which would show it's real reason for creation in World War II. Many of America's unemployed traveled to California hoping to get work but the the local police chief posted guards at main entrance points blocking the " undesirables" which was proved illegal and later stopped. The Boulder dam was completed later renamed the Hoover Dam. 

President Franklin Roosevelt continued to encourage Americans to move ahead. The race was against the horrible depression and the push of Germany. Germany created the Helicopter this year and was working on the atom bomb. This caused America to do the same. I don't know if there is any relationship but it was the year they created sunscreen as well! In New Jersey the first Drive in movie was opened. The high cost of drive in, in comparison to indoor movie caused the early closure of this new innovation.
 Cars were created by machines and men. This video is worth the time to watch. A MUST WATCH - Fascinating1936 footage of car assembly line video.

Our fore fathers have left us examples of: "When the going gets tough the tough get going!" 

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