Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of the Largest Wind Farms In The USA, Is In Indiana

I recently was traveling from Indianapolis, Ind. to Chicago, IL and was amazed at this huge wind farm. This is the largest wind farm in the Midwest.  A person can be awestruck at the majesty of the hundreds of wind towers across the landscape. It is a project by BP wind power and Dominion energy. It will provide power for 120,000 homes. One thing that amazes me is the many farms that are participating in the project. It appears to work nicely with the many crop fields that they are constructed within.  I was truly impressed with how they had buried all connecting power lines and how clean it looked. The white towers looked majestic against the blue skies and the farmers fields.  As far as you could see and for miles along the highway rows and rows of white towers. All but one was turning with the winds the day I was there. When I was growing up I would gawk out the car window at the many barns with small multi-bladed windmills used to pump water from the farm wells. Times have changed. We can make more of the free wind to make even a bigger difference. Green technology does exist, the oil companies know it and are figuring out how to make it work for them! Read more at:

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