Sunday, December 14, 2014

Smart Hydrogels Save Lives In War Times

Wounds require moisture levels of different levels to enhance cellular healing, depending on the type of wounds a person may have. Hydrogels are not new to the medical field. There is written evidence of the use of hydrogels used as far back as 1894. Hydrogels are made from many different materials. Evidence shows that honey can be used in some cases to act as a natural hydrogel. Click on: Honey as a healing hydrogel. It  has shown in medical studies that it contains antimicrobial agents with the ability to promote wound healing.

These hydrogels are used in the bandages, wound dressings, or applied directly to the wound areas depending on the type of wounds or burns. Over the years many companies have used different ointments that have been applied to human or animal wounds to accelerate healing. Read on the use of hydrogels: All you need to know about hydrogels.

Taking hydrogels to a new level. Smart hydrogels is a new term used for taking the hydrogels and mixing in the new nano tech and genetic advancements to enhance healing to even a new level. Basically its using the honey idea, a hydrogel with healing advantages for cellular construction and healing. In particular, recent advances in the so-called smart hydrogels have made it possible to design highly sophisticated formulations, self-regulated drug delivery systems. Read about the evolution of hydrogels: Hydrogel avancements

Carried by special forces, hydrogel is a must to save a life, but I've been told when applied, "it burns like hell."
Smart hydrogels are being engineered into a nano scaffold material with the ability to contain genetically engineered material to super charge cellar healing. Along with time release pain and other medications it can be made inject-able. These advancements are welcomed in the war zones. They have also been attributed to our ability to save many lives in war. Excitement is building in these great advancements. The FDA has recently approved a version which the military medics call liquid bandages. These advancements will cut back on civilian wound healing times. Cut down on medical costs and employee down time.
Click on this link to see hydrogels used: Actually Using Hydrogels To Heal

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