Sunday, July 13, 2014

Verging Ideas Works in Sports, "Foot Golf"

Finding ways to increase profitability by improving efficiencies of resource utilization is a common target of most businesses. Golf courses have expenses in land and maintenance. By utilizing the golf course for more than one sport is a great thing for diverse interests and the bottom line. The American FootGolf League introduced the sport of FootGolf in North America in 2011. The brand new sport has grown to 36 states. Footgolf combines Soccer and Golf. Using the same golf course, yet not the golf greens, the sport gives soccer enthusiasts another way to enjoy their sport in another dimension.

Find out more about the game at: FOOTGOLF League Information

Unlike Frisbee golf that requires a different course to play on and different equipment, Footgolf can be played on the same course with golf. Customers don't have to invest on much more than a soccer ball and their cleats. 
"Going golfing?" Don't forget the Soccer Ball!!

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