Sunday, May 18, 2014

"D" Shirts - Smart Tech Shirts Technology Is Here

Imagine wearing a shirt that has sensors that send information to your cell phone by using an APP. A company in France has done just this. Cityzen has started rolling out commercials for their new sports wear with this technology. Read about this company: Company Focus

This technology is not new. Astro Skin made by a Canadian company, has been producing something very similar to the new Cityzen "D" shirts. These Astro skins were used by astronauts and explorers that needed their health monitored by the support teams to help increase the likeliness of the mission completion. This new technology makes it accessible to the everyday person and or personal doctors. Link to the Astro skin info: Astronauts Life Lines!

Under Armour has partnered with Zephyr Technology on a similar smart shirt project, a data company that designs performance technology for the U.S. Special Forces and used by some top athletes.This race for smart clothing is heating up.

As the Baby Boomer generation ages and healthcare costs are expected to rise, many companies are looking at ways to help in addressing the expanding needs and stretched resources of the healthcare providing industry. These shirts are being marketed and advertised in the physical fitness world first. I am guessing that the company is targeting the younger health minded young business people that may have more money to spend on pricey tech start up costs. I do see this expanding rapidly into the healthcare industry.

What they do:
  • Connect to your cell phone to make data easily readable through an APP.
  • Uses the data from both the "D" shirts data and the phones GPS data.
  • Uses the Smart fabric as a data link to a small battery powered transmitter to link to the grid or smart phone.
  • The many sensors built in the suit that provide information about:
    • Body heat
    • Respiration rate
    • Heart rate
    • Motion through location via GPS
    • Additional sensors they are working on that can be added soon are:
      • blood oxygen
      • tidal volume (the amount of air flowing in and out of the lungs when breathing normally)
      • perhaps eventually blood glucose levels
  • There is talk that the batteries in the future will be recharged during the washing of the material, by using the motion of the washing machine to make electricity to charge the battery.
More sites researching this innovation: Giz mag
More techy revelations: Bio Tech Sensor Expanations

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