Sunday, December 15, 2013

China Makes Steps Towards A Moon Base

In December of 2013, China landed a rover on the moon's surface to explore but also to make the first step towards building a base there. The United States has been working on the same idea with Mars. So why are the nations of the earth worried about building bases on different moons and planets? Early in the search to explore space, it was evident space travel is to be close behind. Discovering the needs of space travel like hydrogen for power and water for nourishment, has become a real concern. Think of it like when you travel on earth. You need fuel and nourishment to make the trip. Energy companies on earth are funding the exploration technologies for space as the next concern to find hydrogen fuel stations in space. If you own the only spot in that area of space for fuel or water, you charge what you want. Taking it to down to another level with the moon, China could be providing a lot of the needed essentials for the next step of local space station developments, or asteroid defense systems for earth. It all seems like some science fiction movie, but when nations spend a part of their treasuries, it is no longer fiction. It is a plan, the basis for the completion of any innovation.

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