Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smarter Windows for Smart Homes and Smart Business

Windows can be a very important part to the Smart Home idea that was proposed as the future goals of companies like Microsoft. A smart home will be able to save building owners and occupants, energy by auto darkening in hot sunny times. Auto opening windows allow cooling or heating changes. Better visual and comfort conditions will be improved by smart windows. Up to now it has been difficult to have the window do all the things they want it to do while generating electricity. But now engineers have figured out a way to generate electricity at the same time they are using the smart windows. By incorporating another film on the glass the sun can be used to generate electricity and not effect the other functions of the window. Check out these links, Smart windows generate electricitySolar cells in windowsScience reports breakthrough!

Smart homes controlled by your computer can use several different methods to cool, heat or control ultra-violet penetration in the living or work space. Can you think of other ways a computer controlled home can positively affect your life while leaving a smaller carbon foot print? Will this idea be carried over to automobiles?


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