Sunday, May 19, 2013

Smart Phones, Now Smart Guns?

Just when you thought it couldn't get easier for the hunter, along comes the computer controlled rifle to eliminate any waste of bullets and guarantee the one shot kill. A person has to question the idea of sportsmanship with this degree of accuracy. This gun uses the red dot technology that already exists , for the hunter to locate the target lock in the target. The computer "Smart" technology then will fire the weapon only when the firearm is pointed in the correct trajectory to the target. Link to more information and video : Tracking Point Firearms

Fun gunners like to think they are saving high cost ammunition and eliminate accidents by hitting only what they have intended it to hit. Concerned public safety activists fear that in the wrong hands the weapon can be deadly to victims in the line of fire from a suicidal homicidal killer. In the Newtown event, it was the empty clip that allowed the demise of the killer. In different situations where the shooter could be firing from a distance, this rifle could be devastating. Every shot guarantees a kill, allowing every bullet in the clip to do damage.The company says it will control who buys this gun and it will require a password to fire the gun. This handles theft, but does not address the issue that background checks are not required at many State gun shows. So yes, they could be bought second hand by unidentified killers at the local gun shows.

It will be interesting to see the waves of controversy this innovation could make in the next few months.

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