Saturday, November 24, 2012

How You Build the Worlds Tallest Building in 90 Days

Can this be true? Just putting in the foundation is an undertaking in itself. The company that is saying that they can build the tallest building in 90 days is building most of the building in a factory setting. The world will be watching to see if this can happen. The enormousness of the project to be completed in 90 days leads many to say they don't want to go into this earthquake proof building when it is done. It seems to be a impossible task. Specifics and details at this link: CNET Post

This project will not only put China as a leader in building construction innovations but show they have some truly top project managers. I would have to add to this statement, some very cooperative city regulators. In the USA project managers would agree that city safety, building regulators and planners would have to redevelop their processes to make this happen in the United States. During building construction the inspectors can be the biggest challenge to on-time completions. However, many could argue that a USA building of this magnitude would draw less comments like, "You wouldn't catch me in that building."

Could we learn from the Chinese about this process, absolutely! We have modular, and factory component construction. We have a transportation system that is not the best in the world but competitive. We have some very knowledgeable and veteran project managers. We have some of the most skilled construction workers in the world. Yet if you were to ask, "Could we do this in America?" Few in the business would say it could be done.

The cost of building construction done "China style," could make building buildings like this in America very attractive and affordable. Material and energy wastes could be cut. Building big buildings could change the trends of urban sprawl and change apartment rental and real estate trends. More people could share the views of oceans and bays near large cities. Manufacturing in America could get an extra boost as we start building more building structures in factories designed to do so. It would require a change in how we do things. Can we do it? Yes we can!
Link of interesting Skyscraper facts: Building Big

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