Friday, June 22, 2012

The Future Eye Wear With Google Glass

Imagine watching TV and scanning the Net, with your iris in your eye directing the screens in your glasses, like a mouse on a PC computer. We are not quite to that level, like the prototype pictured at the left. The really difficult part is figuring out how to make it safe enough so people don't try to drive a car or walk into the streets to their death while wearing them.

That was a problem that other manufacturers have had to deal with since the 1990's.Sharper Image sold LED glass tech glasses in their magazine back then. That one they had required a cable and a hip pack like the walk-mans of their day. Nano technology is making it even more attractive for the future people to have a virtual world around them.

The Google Glass Project is taking the first step. Soon they are going to release there Google Glasses. I have found a great video that explains it well. On technology this new, seeing is believing!
Use this link to see the newest marvel from Google world! Google glasses from Google labs.

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