Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric car!

     The Ford motor Company is introducing there 2012 Ford Focus Electric car for $40,000. After subtracting the $7000 USA deduction (while it lasts before the near sighted Republicans try to remove it from the budget), it would be a $33,000 up front cost. Add on local taxes it may be about $35,000. The next step would be to figure out the fuel savings in one year which would be 18000 / 20 = 900 X $3.50 a gallon which equals $3150 fuel savings each year. The car would be free in a little over eleven years (3150 X 11 = $34650) . That's not an option with it's gas guzzling counter parts. Comparisons with different situations against cars with higher than 20mpg or lower fuel prices will change the math.Also it would make a different if you had to borrow or pay cash. Some of that would apply if you were buying a gas guzzler as well.
     For some this is an option, but the high price up front can remain a huge hurdle (mountain) to get over.

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