Sunday, June 5, 2011

8,870 Miles Per Gallon Wins Shell Eco- Marathon

In a recent advertisement in Time, Shell announced this accomplishment. The idea of any vehicle traveling 8,870 miles on one gallon of fuel is hard to imagine. A person may say, "Sure a one person vehicle that is not practical for a family, can be done, but not family cars." Think again, multi- person transporters at last years Houston Shell Eco-Marathon boasted of over a thousand miles per gallon. There is a European, Asian and a Houston U.S.A. Eco-Marathon. What is truly bizarre is  that these events are sponsored by the Shell oil company. Next time you meet a car company engineer or salesman that says the new car your looking at gets 30 miles a gallon, say, "Is that all?"

Click on the link to see American Shell Eco-Marathon: Coverage video of 3 day Houston event

Shell company page on American event: Houston Eco-Marathon information

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